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23 January 2012 @ 06:14 pm
What is your Chinese zodiac animal?
I'm a dragon
29 July 2011 @ 11:09 pm


Even though this show was midsummer again, the weather in Germany is cool and rainy this time. Even inside the venue it was more comfortable than during the hot summer 2010. My position during the whole show was between You and the stage about 10th row.


I was curios about the new line up and the second vocalist. I actually feared it could be bothersome but I have a certain amount of trustfulness in GACKT's decisions anyway. ;-)


The central stage platform where GACKT and Jon perform is quite large (about 3 or 4 meters long) and they change places all the time. Still GACKT was at You's end of the stage more often.


The outfits the band wear are identically to 2010. I heard many complains about GACKT's new hairstyle but I think it suits him very well. I could actually see his face and every facial expression very well. All the rumours about Botox injections are pure nonsense if you watch the mimic you will see for sure that it is all natural.


GACKTs really impressive stage presence that I described last year hasn't changed. The choreography together with Jon was great and made the performance more dynamic than last year. Even if I tried to observe Jon or even You for a while I couldn’t resist GACKT's sheer magnetic attraction.


You had his hair straight and chin-lenght. He lost some weight compared to 2010 and seems to be in great shape. He really is a very attractive handsome guy, nee?

ChaCha had his hair light brown and wore a long bouffant ponytail. His hair was not curled this time and he looked skinny and pretty as always.


The new drummer (Shinya from LUNA SEA) is awesome! He may not be a hottie like the others but he really knows how to play his instrument. From my point I did not see much of him or Takumi anyway. The new bass player U:ZO was close behind You so I had a good few and that guy is cute like a puppy. XD


The first song was one of the new YFC songs – a powerful rock song – to bring the audience in the right mood for the gig.


The performance of Nine Spiral was even more powerful than last year.

Having a second vocalist worked fine with this song and the refrain sounded good as a chorus too.


Just like last year GACKT showed that arrogant rockstar behaviour as part of the YFC show. Autocratically demanding all the audience admiration... Jon in his role as GACKTs twin was out of place at that point.


Did I ever mention how much I love Speed Master? I loved to see it at the last years life but this years performance was way more impressive and GACKT's moves were breathtaking sensual and seductive.


Speed Master was followed by Episode 0 in a more rockish version that I enjoyed a lot. Than they continued with a new YFC song that made me smile when watching the performance. The song itself was cheerful and danceable. GACKT and Jon turned their back to the audience and shaked their butts. The movements were sexy and dorky at the same time and pulled a smile on everyones face. After about the middle of the song G and Jon ripped their shirts apart and threw them into the audience as expected. Jon's skin is so pale compared to Gs. My friend said she likes Jon's body more than Gs. Objective she might be right because Jon really has no ounce of fat. But compared to Jon GACKT looks soft and cuddly and meets my taste much more!


I missed LU:NA – really!!!! Why couldn't they just add their new songs to their last years performance? Leaving out LU:NA was cruel :-(


The highlight of the whole show was Vanilla for sure! The performance was so sweet, hyper and goofy. I just love how GACKT cannot dance! Gackt tried to restrain to grin but couldn't help it! I think he knows very well how dorky that “dance” looks. It's a funny song that cheers up everybody and the moves reminded me on this performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaeBwAlHlHk

Everybody danced and sang along frenetically. The whole audience was just one big smile!


The english version of Mind forest was clearly understandable this time. Of course Jon joined in and this may have helped too. But all in all I think GACKT improved his English a lot. I could understand his MCs much better than last year.


Justified and Jesus are both great songs to perform live. Especially Jesus is a hit song and the audience was just jumping and screaming and cheering during the entire song.


At that point they performed another new YFC song followed by a new ballade. As far as I remember the refrain was “Close your eyes! Show your soul – show your heart!” And it was sung a cappella in the beginning.


All the new YFC songs have a large amount of English lyrics. Is this really necessary to have more international success? I would still prefer Japanese lyrics.


The last songs they played were Kagero and – after a little break - Uncontrol.


At the very end the whole band was coming to the front of the stage so that we could see each of them properly. They all looked pleased and happy with the gig and the audience. GACKT said one German line “Ich liebe Euch alle!” (I love you all) Then he asked: “Do you want me...” And the audience screamed as an answer. He shook his trigger finger and ended the question with “...to come back?” ^.^ He said he would come back soon. :-D During that whole interaction with the audience GACKT was smiling openly and looked really happy. His smile always warms my heart.


Now I'm even more looking forward to the Berlin gig!

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27 July 2010 @ 06:57 pm

Arriving 3 hours before admittance we were astonished to see around 500 people already waiting in a row. During the waiting period some girls handed out lightsticks or even home made cookies for free. Others shared glucose to protect from fainting during the live. This just shows how remarkable sweet those fans were towards total strangers like us.


Punctually on 5.30 p.m. the entrance opened and the crowd entered the venue without any crushes.


As soon as the band and GACKT appeared the audience pushed towards the stage just as expected and we were swept closer. We could follow the whole show quite clear from our position between G and You in approx. 4th row.


Each and everybody had a really impressive stage presence but Gackts aura is simply breathtaking. Even if I tried to observe Jun-Ji or You for a while I couldn’t manage not to look at G for long. Some fans said GACKT looks huge on stage but that is not quite it. He is more like a magnet of everyone's attention simply because of his overwhelming presence on stage.It's the “je ne sais quoi” and he surely has it!


During the first song ZAN he held a samurai sword in his hand and did some elegant moves with the sword that showed how skilled and aplomb he is.


Dybbuk has never been one of my favourite songs but seeing GACKT doing such sensual seductive moves rapidly changed my rating of this song. *hehehe* He manoeuvred one hand up his thigh toward the crotch and made all the fangirls scream their entire lungs out.


The performance of Nine Spiral was more energetic and his facial expression was aggressive when he looked into the faces of the audience. You could clearly see that wrinkles between GACKT's eyebrows. An expression of rage and anger when he was demanding the audience to cheer for him. This must have been the battle face that You mentioned before. I guess that arrogant rockstar behaviour is part of the YFC show and I must admit lordly GACKT is adorable.


I cannot clearly remember any details of Speed master. The song is one of my all time faves and I guess I was just mesmerised.


LU:NA again sparked with energy. I so love to see Gs hip dance at some parts of that song. When he took of the tie it looked very seductive and much like a strip tease but the way he snatched the shirt off was fierce and manly and you could see the buttons fly off.


As you all know LU:NA is followed by Kimi ga Matteiru Kara which is a rather slow ballad that should give the chance to rest a little. But during that song I first noticed that GACKT was a little shaky on his feet. He got so exhausted from singing this song so clearly. It just felt like being stabbed in the gut to see him totter.


During Mind forest he recovered visibly and I tried to understand as much as possible from the English lyrics. I caught several sentences and phrases from the English version and I liked it a lot. I think it is a wonderful gesture of friendship towards his overseas fans to translate that song into a language that most of us can understand.


EVER just made me smile a lot. The dance to that song is so goofy and adorkable that you cannot help but smile. The song itself is lively, groovy and intoxicating. GACKT's dance moves when he jumps from the left foot to the right and back look sweet but ludicrous and remind me to some early performances of Vanilla.


Justified was only performed live during this YFC tour and I was curious for it. After half of the song GACKT moved to the back of the stage, snatched a drumstick and energetically hit the snare drum beside Jun-Ji.


Jesus is a great song to perform live. The audience freaked the hell out and sang along frenetically. Everybody was just jumping and screaming and cheering during the entire song.


After Jesus GACKT turned his back to the audience rested a little to get control of his breathing again and concentrated. The light was dimmed and the crowd took out their light sticks and all of a sudden the whole hall was bathed in colourful lights. I don't think GACKT even noticed the scenery as he turned around cause he was all concentrated on singing the first verse of FLOWER a cappella. That voice is just so unbelievable touching I had goosebumps in an instant. Again GACKT's standing on his shaky legs looked insecure and after half of the song he even fell on his knees but kept on singing and gave his all into it. For a few seconds I could see his face change to a grimace of pain which really scared me and made me suffer with him. I couldn't help yelling a little cry of pain myself. Even though I so wanted to see GACKT so close I now only wanted that concert to end and his pain to stop.


But this wouldn't have been GACKT if he would surrender to weakness of any kind, nee? So he only took a small break of a few minutes and returned to perform the Uncontrol Remix. I didn't like that remix when I first heard it from that men's only concert but it sounds much better live.


G communicated with the audience during the whole concert and I loved the way he interacts with the fans and I loved every single line I could understand. Like in every other European live he promised to come back and made us promise the same. I believe in this promise but I hope he will not do such a tour at midsummer again so he might endure the exertions better.


The audience around us was wonderful during the whole concert. I did not see many people faint but every single one is too much. Hopefully the next tour will occur during a cooler period so we can all enjoy the live without blackouts.

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04 January 2010 @ 06:09 pm
If you could be a member of any musical group, past or present, which group would you choose and why?

I'd join hide with Spread Beaver as it seems like they really had a lot of fun on stage. I so wish hide hadn't died that young and needlessly
03 January 2010 @ 06:39 pm
If you could be a member of any musical group, past or present, which group would you choose and why?